Join us in person every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

What To Expect?

As we return to in-person services, there will be several precautions in place to ensure that our services are as safe as possible. Here is what to expect when you attend:

  • Face masks will be required for all in attendance. We'll have extras in case you forget yours.
  • Communion packets will be available to grab before entering our auditorium.
  • Activity packets will also be available for kids since we will not be offering children's services at this time. 

If you're unable or uncomfortable returning to in-person services, join us for church online!

How To Get Here

Click the green button to get directions straight to our front door.

Some other things you might be wondering:

What exactly is a "Christian" church?

There are a lot of different brands of churches out there (i.e. baptist, methodist, lutheran). But you might be wondering what a Christian Church is. We are a non-denominational church built on the tenants of using the Bible as our primary guide and unity among christians regardless of denominational affiliation. Basically that means we value the Bible as God's Word and we are welcoming regardless of prior church background.

How long will the service last?

Our services will last around 45 minutes.

What should I wear?

Clothes. That’s our only request. We are much more concerned about what’s going on inside of a person, than what they are wearing on the outside. Some of our folks dress up, but most show up in jeans. So don't worry about it. Just come as you are.

What about my kids?

We love kids at LoamiCC. Unfortunately, in order to maintain a safe environment, we are not holding services for children at this time. We would still love to have your kids attend our services and will provide an activity packet for them.

We also want to provide you with resources to help you lead and disciple your kids. 

Click here for online resources for you and your kids. 

What's the music like?

We don’t own a pipe organ. We're not that old school. But then again, we aren't in a cutting edge city either. Our music runs right down the middle. Some classic oldies, some newer ones. Our goal with our music is ultimately to be singing songs that enable us to say, "Thank You!" to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Will I be singled out in any way because I'm new?

You don't want to feel awkward. We get that. Being singled out in church is weird, so we won't do that to you. You can expect a warm welcome, because when you walk through our doors, we will be glad to see you!

What if I'm not sure about Christianity?

Perfect. We aren't here to force anyone into anything. You can come and explore faith at your own pace.

Can I attend if I'm _____________________?

Whatever you can put in the blank, the answer is YES. If you're divorced, single, an addict, a skeptic, an atheist, broke, gay, a single parent, a blended family, etc., EVERYONE is welcome at Loami Christian Church. So come on! We'll see you Sunday!