Read the Bible

So you want to get to know God. But how? Great Question!

Start praying (Talk to God and approach Him in Jesus' name. God really hears you!).

But prayer really comes to life when you pair it with reading the Bible. Prayer is the primary way we speak to God. The Bible is the primary way He speaks to us.

It's hard to have a close relationship with someone you never talk to. The Bible is the absolute best way to discover how to follow Jesus on a daily basis. The Bible is the best next step for you if you are ready to learn more about God and His promises for your life.

Just start reading. Try 10 minutes a day. Below are some tools to help make your journey with God a bit easier.

Bible Reading Plans

Reading_Plan_-_21_Days.pdfNT IN 90 READING PLAN

This 90 day reading plan will take you through the entire New Testament. This plan is best if you're looking to get a more complete picture of Jesus and the life to which He has called His followers.



This 3 week reading plan will walk through the life of Jesus from two different perspectives as well as a short letter written by Jesus' half-brother. It's a great place to start if you're new to reading the Bible.




This 100 day reading plan will give you a good snapshot of the entire story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This is a great plan if you are ready to dive a little deeper into the Bible.




This is a guide to the beginning steps of faith. There are 30 daily devotional thoughts and Bible readings to help you become familiar with God and His Word. This is an ideal plan if you are just beginning or finding your way back to faith.